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The idea for this blog and store came about because I needed a place (outside of social media) to express my opinions, share what I hope to be useful knowledge about subjects I have a passion for, and acquaint the world with my handmade jewelry and other products.  Being a live human being of at least average intelligence, I have lots of thoughts and opinions about everything, and just maybe there are folks out there bored enough to read them.



I have a Bachelor of Science in English Literature and Music Performance, and a Bachelor of the Arts in Interior Design.  My work experience has covered various fields including Residential Design and Commericial Office Furniture, and I currently manage a wide range of industrial and multi-family residential properties around California.



I have three dogs with whom I love sharing my home and my adventures: Paisley, a precocious 10-year-old Minature Pincsher; Lola, a Chihuahua-Corgi mix who showed up at my office 5 years ago...and never left; and Romy, a German Shepherd mix who found me out in Ontario and is the most lovable, furry disaster I've ever met. I am also fortunate to have a beautiful niece and a nephew on the way, plus a very special godson and "niece" - not to mention their lovely parents as well as my own! 



As a small business owner having schooling and experience in design and development, I believe in the power of the private sector and a free market economy to effect change and promote responsibility.  I do not believe that Federal, State, or local goverments should have the regulatory power our voters have allowed them to gain bit by bit over recent decades, as the tax burden placed on honest Americans is becoming too great, inhibiting natural economic growth and diminishing movtivation for success through individual responsibility.  I believe in the Constitution and in the writings and teachings of the Founding Fathers, and am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the right of law-abiding American citizens to keep and bear arms for self-defense and the protection of property and family.



Maybe most importantly, in my spare time I love to have fun!  My many passions include travel, snowsports, paddle boarding, hiking and backpacking, wine and beer, and great food!  But the hobby that seems to take up so much of my time lately is performance driving and racing.  I've been participating in HPDE events since 2009, and have been a Driving Instructor/Coach and Club Racer since 2014.  I'm still only getting my feet wet in driving and racing, but the challenge of learning about my vehicles, honing my driving skills, and improving my racecraft is unparalleled by any other activity I've participated in - not to mention the pure adrenaline rush and feeling of accomplishment that comes with a good performance!  Currently I track my 2001 BMW Z3 M coupe, and compete at POC and PCA in Spec Boxster.  Recently, my all-ladies endurance team won a third place finish in the POC's Tribute to Le Mans race, competing against Porsche Cup Cars, GT classes, and other spec Boxsters.



I also seem to have inherited a fascination with rocks and gemstones from my mother and grandfather, which has morphed into a habit of turning mere rocks into fabulous jewelry in my spare time.  Up to this point I've created mostly one-offs and custom pieces for myself and friends, but there are a few cohesive lines of jewelry beginning to come into focus at the moment which may be available later this year,  so stay tuned.


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